Silver coating for 765T?


Has anyone tried to DIY a silver coating on 765T or other Garmin devices? I have a feeling that the rubberized black coating of 765T absorbs a lot of sunlight under the windshield and the unit can get very hot easily. If the exterior of 765T were silver it should be better on this.


Don't. The antenna is on the back, and your reception will suffer.

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The nuvi 750 is silver and many people complained about it's color as it's reflective and can glare in certain situations.

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My 200W has a silver finish,

My 200W has a silver finish, and it flakes off around the slots where it attaches to the mount. Unsightly, if you ask me.

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A better solution......

jeffgao wrote:

Has anyone tried to DIY a silver coating ......

.....might be to move your mounting point.

I like vent mounts.
Easier to see in bright sun.
Out of the direct heat.
Easier to reach when you need to.
Slightly less visible from the outside.

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