XL 330 POI question


I wouldn't really describe this as a problem, more like an annoyance. I just loaded 2 new POI files on my unit specifically for a trip I'm about to make. I have 3 destinations that I loaded as an itinerary. The problem is that the new POIs don't show up when asking to browse maps, points along route BUT I know they are there. If I load another itinerary then reload an itinerary with just the first destination they show up just fine. Anyone had any similar issues and if so was there a fix?


XL 330 POI Problem

I am having gthe same problem. The POI's show up at very small scales but disappear when I zoom in. I cam tell thjey are there but the ICON's are not appearing at the larger scales... I am still lookimng for a fix.


XL330 POI Problem resolved

I ran the 2 POI files I was having trouble with through the GPSBabel program and it seems to have corrected the problems since both files now display correctly.