Who Runs and pays whole GPS network!


I was reading a thread and one question came to mind. Who runs this whole Global Positioning Satellite system?
I mean I know government may be paying for satellite but who ultimately pays for that subscription we are using? We don't pay to subscription. May be Garmin or tomtom what ever the company is, they might be giving some fund in satellite program.
How long this program has been in use. It is only very few years that road navigation is so popular! But I think satellite were there long before.
And If there is no subscription does anyone can simply make GPS device?

Try this link

This link should give you plenty of info.



There is a hell lot of science behind this. I thought It would be easier. Thanks for the link.
there is one more informative link I found is www.gps.gov

Who pays?

The short answer is the American tax payer pays for the system used by Garmin and other navigation systems. It was developed by the US military at taxpayer expense so it only makes sense to allow the taxpayer to use the system he paid for.

There are other system in operation now but they are all based on the same method of operation. Europe has a system which is supposed to be even more accurate than the American GPS system. GPS can put a bomb through a window without touching the window frame from 35,000 feet...I don't know how you can improve on that.


By improving counter GPS system so that that bomb doen't Blast !! lol smile smile


I always wondered about that.

Good info

space program benefit

GPS is just another benefit of the space program. Wonder where we would be if we had not done that...The American way, always look ahead...


A day will come when a baby borns, the doctor will put a GPS chip in her so that his/her location can be tracked. But It has a chance to kill your privacy!?
Any way same thing you can do right now by tracking your phone location!