Well, the soccer world cup is just around the corner...who do you like to be the champion of the world???

I go for: Germany grin

Methinks You Spoke Too Soon

Now that Ballack is out for the tournament, I would say Germany has about as much chance as... South Africa. wink


Hello Felix, that is sad but England is on the same problem with no Beckham, or Paraguay with no Cabanas, Brazil with no Ronaldinho and so on...But my quetions to you:

So you go for South Africa??? smile

My honest opinion?

I like Argentina... WITH Messi. wink

World Cup 2010

I like Italia, forza Azzuri.

Argentina looks really

Argentina looks really good
Watch out for Spain

Argentina and Messi

I agree that Argentina is a great team and Messi could win a game by himself and Spain I don't see anything on them altough everybody @ work is talkin very good about Spain question