Icons and Sound files


I apoligize if this question has been address in the past, but could someone tell me how to use Icons and sound files on Nuvi 765T?

Many Thanks in Adavance


The sounds files use for alerts will give you the voice alert for your custom pois.In your case you would use mp3 file.The custom icon will show on the map once you zoom in close or get to the end of your destination.You just name them the same as the csv file except for the extension.Put them in the same folder with the csv file you want them associated to.See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25721 .

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Always use GPS

I drive back & forth from NY to FL. Always go the same way. Even my car knows the way by now (it could go without me being in it)
I use the GPS to find motels in the chain I use, depending on traffic I never know how far I will drive that day. Great to find the motel with the phone number with it.
Could go without it, but it makes life a lot easier.

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