New user with a c530


I am new to using a gps. I got a Garmin C530 at work because I am tired of being lost when traveling out of town. I am so glad I got the newer model than the C330 if it does not save POIs to the sd card.

This site has been a great eye opener and I have learned a lot today. Thanks JM and Miss POI. Robert, I can't wait to do a job in Tulsa to find your restaurants.

Corky Garmin C530

Welcome Corky

We're happy to have you join us. It's always nice to see a new name in the discussion forums.

RFB's restaurant picks are probably worth a trip to Tulsa even if you're not on business grin


nice to see u JM lol

nice to see u JM lol

Welcome Aboard

We have the c330 and the c530...both great untis but I do like the visibility of the 520 screen smile

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"