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New to the board, interesting stuff here! Can't wait to get started with my C550. I was so excited, I got the 550 for the same price my sister paid for her 340. I only had to wait a few months for it to go on sale. Gotta love black Friday weekend! Anyway, I make a lot of wrong turns and miss exits. Now, I just need to upgrade my cell phone to use the bluetooth options too!

Question: Why are the pre loaded POI's so out of date?

Guessing y'all help get newer ones loaded?

*May I never get lost again!

*May I never get lost again!


Most GPS makers update their maps & POI data once each year (some even less frequently), so it can often take a couple years for new locations to make it into their databases.

POI Factory doesn't have everyting, but our community of users is growing fast and sharing new files all the time. Things are still a little jumbled, but I'm working on getting the locations better organized.

Welcome to the site!


Welcome CKeane :)

"You can't get there from here"

"You can't get there from here"

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