Icon's galore


Hi all, was wondering I used a GPS from a friend of mine after my GPS was stolen, I couldn't help but notice that his gps was loaded with icons showing what type of business or service was close to where the gps is / was located. When I got my new Garmin I wanted to see if it would do the same thing.. so I turned on maximum detail.. and there still seems to be no icons for business's and such.. would that be a custom POI? with related icon files? or simply part of his map package to what ever brand of GPS he had? I don't remember the name or type of unit that I had borrowed. Sorry..

Just wondering if it was possible?

Thanks for the rant..

Icon's Galore but not on Garmins

It's Garmins choice to use resolution on their screens that can't do what your asking for. Your friends GPS was definitely not a Garmin.

You can see POI's on a Garmin if you zoom in all the way, but what good is that? I mean Really what good is that?

My suggestion is be a smart shopper, if the GPS can load custom POI's even if you need third party software to do so that's the main criteria along with map updates. Then look for options like sound quality and display resolution.
Look to be sure the unit will roll POI's as you drive down the road at any zoom level.

Garmin sound,and screen resolution both lack on the nuvi series.

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I got Garminized myself

Yes, I had 2 other GPS unit that showed what was around while drive they were really good at that. I bought a Garmin Nuvi 1390T ASSUMING it was like all other Gps's and found out NO it doesn't show Icons on the map.
HOWEVER, If you mark favorites on the map and set an Icon on the favorite (Like a Knife and Fork for a food place) They show up on the driving map like other units do out of the box. Only the favorites you set. You CAN'T light up the map with all the loaded PIO's (Yes its LAME)

But you can update the maps, both my other units didn't offer this, I can go into GOOGLE and find a location and send it to my Garmin unit (That’s cool) and the Smart Lane assist has prevented me from causing Multi car pile ups on busy crisscrossing interstates by letting me know which lane I should be in, in enough time so I don't have to try and get six lanes over only to find out the GPS unit was joking and wanted to see if I could do it (That GPS Unit is no longer with us, may he rest in pieces).

These features have so far prevented me from running the unit over (I do this because it makes me feel better, @#$%&* GPS units) so I can go out and get another one, although next time it tells me to leave an interstate to drive on a cross town street with traffic lights on it because IT feels its shorter (NOT FASTER) I may change my mine.

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