Additions and Corrections requirements?


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While I have read the FAQ " How Do I Update A File That Is Already On The Site?", when I contact the kind person who has already established a POI file, what information is required?

Is the address enough or are the GPS coordinates also required ?

I'm sorry if this has already been covered. When I use the "additions and corrections" search term, I get 80 pages of hits...

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For Me

As maintainer for the Rest Areas Combined file there are various methods to assist me with new info.
The ULTIMATE is to give me coordinates & what the "location" is - such as Rest Area, Welcome Center, Turnout.
If not the coordinates I need the Highway or Route #, the state, the mile marker or exit number OR a nearby city. The direction of travel is also helpful as sometimes smaller areas can be partially hidden by foliage.

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An area McDonald's has closed and a new one opened about a mile away. I wanted to send that information on and wanted to include all necessary data.

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For the McDonalds file

I need the address, city and state. If possible, the latitude and longitude. In the case where one location is replacing an old location, I also need the address of the old location so that I can delete it from the file.

Information Sent

I just sent you the info for the new & Closed McDonald's in my area.

(From Crzyron addy)

Thank You!


I received

the info and I have made the changes to the file. Thanks for the input.