Best POI Brands?


Is there any brand that seems to have better POIs installed upon purchase?

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jack1953 wrote:

Is there any brand that seems to have better POIs installed upon purchase?

To me Garmin POI loader is pretty simple (for both csv & gpx files).
It seems you have a TomTom Unit per your profile. If you need more info, here it is.

Unless I do not understand what is your question about. Please elaborate. Thanks.

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I think he's asking which

I think he's asking which GPS manufacturer has the best (i.e. most complete and accurate) POI database loaded as it comes from the factory vice aftermarket custom POIs, loaders, etc.

I have a Garmin 265WT and I

I have a Garmin 265WT and I am very happy with the amount of preinstalled POIs that came with the device. There are over 6 million POIs on these units from the factory.
I have only owned Garmin so I can't say how other brands compare to this. Someone else may help you with those units.

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The Garmin POI database

The Garmin POI database seems to be regionally dependent. It was pretty accurate and complete where I lived on the east coast. Now that I'm in Arizona, I'm finding a lot of stuff that has been around for a loooong time not included. Looks like I have some submitting work I need to do and get it to Garmin/Navteq...

Hard Question

jack1953 wrote:

Is there any brand that seems to have better POIs installed upon purchase?

This is a hard question to answer. No company has a perfect set of poi's built in. Stores close and open all the time. You should have several million (4+) at the minimum.

Your level of satisfaction is going to depend on what you are looking for. Is it a national store, been there 10 years or more? If it is not on your unit then I think that is a problem. Local stores may not be in every database. If the poi has not been in business for less than a couple years it may not be in any maps.

That is why companies are using a search feature through your cell phone - it helps you get the latest info available.

The other is to make sure you can load custom files for the poi most important to you. The poi from here for the most part are very accurate and up to date. There are mistakes, so make sure you look at the address with the poi and make sure that is where you are going.

I have mostly used Garmin (4+ units) and like the interface best for me. Other companies get you there too, and some - well good luck.


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My Nuvi 1300WT GPS was pretty well loaded up.


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It's all in the map maker

It's all in the map maker, GPS manufacture has nothing to do with the POI Data Base, other than the way it gets displayed.

Garmin Has got its poi data from a number of sources and includes 5 million poi's in its newest City Navigator product. As of version 7 they have adopted NavTeq poi data.

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