i am having a hard time instaling icons help


i am having a hard time instaling mi icons what file on the garmin do i need to find to install the icons i rename all my icons fles to bmp but still no working thank

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Try naming. . .


Try naming the poi and the bmp files the same and storing them in the same directory.


or if you want radial alerts:

MyPOI-TourGuide.wav or mp3

If loading *.wav files you have to download and install the sox.exe file into the same directory as POI Loader.

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You need to name the bpm

You need to name the bpm files the same as the csv or gpx file except for the extensions.See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25721 for custom pois.

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a few common problems

If your Windows is still set up in the default mode of hiding known file extensions from you, turn that off. A common problem is icons with double file extensions that you can not see.

Once you can see the full file name, the icon must be named exactly that same as the poi file, including case, except for the bmp extension replacing the poi file's extension.

The icon should be 20x20 or smaller. It has been reported that at least one of the sides needs to be even (don't use 19x19 for example). And the bmp file must be in 258 color indexed mode, not a larger mode like 16 bit color or 32 bit color. If you are not sure, download the free IrfanView graphics program to check (asnd if needed change) this.