Speed Camera POI file


Maybe this has been answered but I couldn't find anything about it.

I noticed that the Speed Camera data has changed. Some entries now include the key-word 'Redlight' while others don't. For an example:

"Redlight & Speed 45 MPH C30393"
"Speed Camera 35 MPH C30448"

If you are doing this because some cities have both redlight and speed cameras combined then ok. But I have to inform you that Toledo doesn't have both yet. There was a short bit on TV the other night about getting them but the city council hasn't approved them yet.

I might be wrong about this but I think including the key-word 'redlight' in column D will cause an alarm to sound regardless of your speed. I want that to happen if I'm approaching a redlight camera but not if I'm approaching a speed camera and traveling under the limit.


Redlight & speed

The article doesn't say that the speed and redlight cameras are combined. I know Toledo has a number of redlight cameras, I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear. My question was why does the name in column D of the Speed Camera file containing the key word Redlight? Are you going to combine the redlight and speed camera files?

My Take

The first paragraph from the Toledo Blade

The Blade wrote:

"Toledo would raise the civil penalty on motorists who get caught in the flash of an automated red-light and speeding camera from $95 to $120, and increase the city's take of that fee from 25 percent to 54 percent, under a proposed agreement reviewed yesterday by city council."

I believe what being reviewed was the expansion of the city's enforcement cameras and raising the fines.

The Blade wrote:

In addition to the 12 new cameras, the agreement would double the number of cameras used for speed enforcement from seven to 14.

The above states that the Speed cameras will double from 7 to 14. Plus the picture used shows a Speed and Red Light Photo Enforcement sign. So it looks to me like they already have combo photo enforcement equipment.

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They are indeed recording

They are indeed recording both speed and red light running.

Miss POI

Redlight & speed

Ok, I'm wrong. The TV report as well as my reading of the Blade article are wrong. I'm sorry to take up your time.