Scotland Maps for a nuvi 660


I am taking a trip to Scotland next month and want to use my 660. I have looked on the Garmin site for the correct maps to purchase but am not sure which is the best route to go. It looks like I can purchase maps that upgrade the unit using a PC or purchase an SD card witht he maps on it. Any suggestions on one over the other? Or any tips on how best to proceed? Thanks.



Just downloaded:
City Navigator® Europe NT – U.K. + Ireland
from my Garmin nuvi 660.

I put it on a 1GB SD card that I had laying around, as you can specify where to download it in the widget. I also plan on moving my custom POI files to the SD card so I can free up space on the base unit for U.S. stuff.

We too are going to Scotland in September, and so far, I select "Near" and "Edinburgh" and it looks to be working fine.

Downloadable GPS map of UK

This page has a link to a downloadable UK map with routing:

Choose the map you map you want, unzip it, and save it to a SD card with the file name gmapsupp.img

This site creates maps using open source maps. It is very current and seems to work fine.

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