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Last updated 02/14/2010

Raw file: Food Wars (Travel Channel).csv (4.08 KB)

Includes 25 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IL, KS, NY, TX
  • Canada: ON
  • some may be in: MO (near a border)

Summary: This is a list of locations that appeared on the Travel Channel's show Food Wars.

Details: The Travel Channel's first Food Wars Series began in November 2003 and ended in December 2005. As noted in a July 2005 article on Travel Channel's Food Wars (, the Travel Channel aired the "Food Wars: Barbecue" episode of Food Crazy in April 2004. In that episode, they pit Kansas City's Arthur Bryant's barbecue against barbecue from KC Masterpiece Barbecue & Grill. The same barbecue episode aired in January 2007, likely with a positive feedback.

Fast forward to December, 2009. With a new dynamic host (Camille Ford) and a more determined effort to tackle America's most famous food rivalries, a souped-up version of Food Wars went to Buffalo, New York to challenge Anchor Bar chicken wings vs. Duff's chicken wings. Then, in Chicago, they challenged Mr. Beef v. Al’s Beef as to who produced the best Italian beef sandwich. In Lockhart, Texas, the challenge was Kreuz Market barbecue v. Smitty's Market barbecue. And by mid February 2010, Food Wars challenged Chicken Annie's chicken v. Chicken Mary's chicken in Pittsburg, Kansas. The new Food Wars premieres Tuesday, March 9, at 10 E/P with Mr. Beef v. Al’s Beef: Italian beef sandwich. The show then will air each Tuesday at 10 E/P.

This POI: A purpose of this POI is to present locations hopefully in advance of their appearance on the Travel Channel's show Food Wars ( ) to give you a chance to first visit the challenged restaurants and then watch the episode.

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