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Cameras Mounted on Back of Police Car


Today I was driving on the highway and noticed two big traffic style cameras bolted to the back of a moving police patrol car. Both cameras were oriented forward, one "looking" to the left of the vehicle and one "looking" to the right. I couldnt capture a photo since I was driving, but wondered if this description sounded familiar to anyone else... and more to the point if anyone knew what this curiosity was.

Mounted Cameras

Basically they're cameras that scan licence plates to identify if a vehicle is listed as stolen, missing, suspended, or as having an expired validation tag.

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I can't even get a mobile data terminal and some guys get all seeing cameras. Well, I guess some places just have more money. smile

What kind of car?

Was this a Police patrol car, or some sort of parking enforcement vehicle?

Cameras Mounted on Back of Police Car

What is the highway?


The Cincinnati Police Dept. has been using these cameras for the last couple of years. They drive down a neighborhood street or through a parking lot and the cameras scans the license plates on the parked vehicles. They can scan numerous plates just by driving by. No entering data into a computer by hand; just drive and let the cameras and computer do the work. If a plate comes up as being suspended or if it is on a stolen vehicle, it is flagged by the computer and the officer takes action at that point.

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Police Car Mounted Cameras

I have no problem with that approach to stolen vehicles, etc. That's law enforcement.

Turning it into a revenue raiser would be.


Police Car Mounted Cameras

I guess this is the same as the police scanning license plates for expiration after the first of the month every month. Or like sobriety checkpoints where they check everybody, but, this seems ripe for a civil liberties lawsuit.


More info

The cameras were mounted to the back of a Police Patrol Car (not parking enforcement). The vehicle was traveling south on I-287 in northern NJ.

The cameras were much less streamlined in appearance than the link above shows, and were bolted to the trunk of a Crown Vic instead of on top as the image shows. They literally looked like 2 traffic cameras.. big rectangular boxes.

Anyway, it was an odd sight, if I see one again I'll try to snap a photo.


schvidah wrote:

Was this a Police patrol car, or some sort of parking enforcement vehicle?

In Canada there are two provinces that have a provincial police force, Ontario and Quebec. The letters OPP on the drivers door stands for Ontario Provincial Police.

stevel123 wrote:

What is the highway?

What you call an interstate we call a highway.

Cheers mrgreen

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