New nuvi 255w owner with how to questions


I recently got a 255w for xmas. Been looking at various websites for POIs to download. I am confused. How do you install a POI for starters. I bought a 2gig SD chip. Do you download the POI files onto the SD chip. And then there are these combined POI files. Below the Files there are more files for audio and icons. How do you install these?? Need help. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Check this FAQ

It'll answer any questions you have.

Enjoy your new 255!

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don't fool with the 2 gig memory

Your 255 has plenty of memory for POIs and the like. Don't bother with loading POIs to the SD card. You'll find that it makes more sense to just use the nuvi memory. Eventually you may want to put something else on the external memory card, such as third party topo maps. But I doubt very much if you will ever need to use an extra memory card for POI files.


See for outline on setting up your custom pois.

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