MS Streets & Trips (MS is Microsoft)


Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 will now export GPX files. I tried a route without push pins and one off-route push pin, and it exported them all. Hooray!! Versions 2002-2006 you could use GPSBabelGUI to convert the data (pushpins and routes) to other file types, like POIs and ITNs, but all versions from 2007-2009 you couldn't. I like planning my trips in MS Streets & Trips, and then downloading them into my TomTom. With 2010, you still have to use GPSBabelGUI, because it won't traslate directly to ITN. BTW, you will need to use Notepad to chnage the last number in the file from a zero to a two, if you want to be guided to EACH waypoint, rather than just have it use the waypoints to get you to your destination. That is what the zero does, guide you to your destiantion. IE, the information on the screen is for the Destination (zero) instead of the next waypoint (two). GPSBabelGUI is a free download, just google it. Richard



Hi Richard,

Glad you like the new GPX support in S&T. GPX support was one of the many suggestions/comments from RVers and Truckers that were incorporated into this new release.

There are many improvements in the 2010 version to help with managing and viewing your POI collections. You can read about them on the Streets & Trips Team Blog.

A free 60 day trail can be downloaded by anyone who'd like to give it a test run.

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