GPS on Iphone 3G


i took the leap & bought the Navigon App for just under $60.00 special. Woow this thing rocks-
• Intuitive interface
• Voice announcements (”turn left/right in…”)
• Address entry and POI search
• Day/night mode (switches automatically)
• Accurate maps
• 2D/3D map view
• User-definable POI’s
• “Take me home” function
• Route planning
• Text-to-speech (spoken street names)
• Integrated iPod control (many standalone GPS units double as an mp3 player)

And now for some features that are unique to MobileNavigator or that are unique to a turn-by-turn GPS app on the iPhone platform:

• Useable in both portrait and landscape mode
• Shows a realistic view of roadway interchanges and exits (I explain this later…)
• Speed assistant with audible warnings to warn you if you are speeding
• Direct access to your iPhone’s address book
• Seemlessly integrated iPod control
• Location sharing via email
• Includes maps of USA, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada

i connect it to my power output with a cable & mounted it on my venr with a grip-it mount & it works great

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

ive tried it also, and its

ive tried it also, and its very good. up to date maps