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Just stopped by after a long time away. Just wanted to see if things have changed with the Accuracy of some of the files.

In the past I left because people were focused on size of their files and points offered, rather then the accuracy of the files.

Looking through the files I see a lot of sub notes referring to increased accuracy.

So, I downloaded some files and set out to test them. First I would like to applaud efforts of people posting the files.

Our test was to pick 6 locations from two files. We plugged in the brand new GPS and off we went.

Sadly, the files now are no more accurate then they were in the past. Out of 6 locations only one was where the file said it was.

Another problem was, no description of what you're looking for, this makes it tough if you list an attraction and the user has no idea what it is. For example: Honey the Money dog is a roadside attraction. What would you be looking for? Would you be looking for a statue of a dog? A business? A freak of nature? Turns out Honey the Money Dog is a real dog that works at a service station. Miles away from where the file said the location was. The GPS file directed us to a grassy field.

Another location was smack dab in the middle of an interstate. One completely didn't exist now or ever any where near the point given.

What I'm trying to say if you're going to spend the effort on making a file, make sure its accurate as opposed to listing 2k points of interest. Quality preferably to Quantity.

Before anything is said , YES i have sent corrections.

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Ozme52 wrote:
Strephon_Alkhalikoi wrote:

What do you mean by "static militaria"?

A non-moving, non-functional, display.

Air museums with planes sitting around, those are static. If they can fly the planes in and out... those are aren't.

Plugged artillery pieces are considered static.

So I'm including pieces in front of VFW halls, city parks, military museums...

Here is a link to an air force museum that you might look into for your file

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush

Thanx Bragh

By which I mean thank-you brother.

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POI accuracy

So where do the geocoders get their street information? From the US census tiger files? If so, then once the 2010 census is finished, perhaps more accurate and revised tiger files will be available.

differences in datum

Perhaps there is a differnce in datum reference


Hope this helps....

Street Address conflict

A lot of times a geocode is used just by street address and is not verified in person or using street view. Sometimes the address is not correct.

Massive GPS Upgrade Underway!!!

Always on the Road Knowing where I've Been

I won't have need for it.

I won't have need for it at that time. smile

Q&A: What do you do when GPS or online maps are wrong?

Always on the Road Knowing where I've Been

I don't like it

Lee_Donehower wrote:

I just uploaded a 3-field CSV file of 919 California campgrounds that I meticulously chased down one at a time on Google Earth. Obviously, I have more fields that could have been added, but before I go overboard, I'd like to know if folks find this file to be accurate.

If you have the time to check it out, I'd appreciate feedback on the accuracy of the coordinates.

You want honest feedback? Well I do not like the file. I prefer to have an actual address and a phone number contact. That way I can phone to check on availability. It is a start, but inaccurate. (after all this is what this discussion is about)

Nuvi 2460LMT.
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