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Can the Walmart POI's be loaded by state/province?

I would guess you can do a

I would guess you can do a sort in excel and sort by state and save your results; or you could create another .csv and copy all those you sorted by state to that file.

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I tried to find all Kansas

I tried to find all Kansas listings by looking for "KS" in the address column of excel. Unfortunately that shows every store description that has the letters "ks" together many of which were not in Kansas.


Try puting a comma and space before KS in your search field
(eg. ", KS"). I think that will give you what you want.

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You should check out the Extra_POI_Editor program. One of the MANY things it allows you to do is export POIs by state. Very cool free program.

I did using

I did it using Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010. A free 60 day trial version is available from

Load the GPX file in S&T select the state(s) you want and right click. Then select delete all the other points except the ones in the selected state(s)

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walmark POIs

Greetings all.

EDIT: My original paragraph was in error. I was under the incorrect impression that Walmart was not listed in my nuvi 1300. They are Listed. Unfortunately this initial paragraph is what tied this post into this discussion thread. This post now seems off topic. For this I apologize. ENDEDIT

How does a business get put in a manufacturers Data base. A lot of businesses are in the D.B. where the owner has no technical knowledge. I cant see them thinking, "hey it would be cool if I was in a GPS!". So, how are new businesses entered? Do Garmen people go around and spot new businesses? I have long wondered this since my first bought streets and trips many many years ago.

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.

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Built-in POIs

The maps and the businesses (POIs) included in them come from Navteq, not Garmin. Navteq is the one who updates this data and Garmin simply buys the map/POI data from them.

As to how does Navteq determine what businesses get added/removed from their database of POIs... I have no idea! neutral

I know, I wasn't of any help. wink

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Thanks for the responce

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the response on the POIs.

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