Online Map Websites


I am just curious if people here still use online mapping websites. I Still do, even though I have GPS. I am also wondering if anybody here has noticed which of them seem to be updates the most frequently. The reason I ask is I wanted to map my brother-in-laws house, which is a couple of years old and on a street built about the time be built his home. I used the coordinates from my GPS and entered it in Boulter's GPS Coordinate Converter. Interestingly enough, even though the street has been there a couple of years, only Google Maps shows his street. Has anybody here done much comparing of map websites? Might I find a different website better for a different address?

Google Maps

IMHO Google Maps is still the best online mapping site. I give Bing the edge when it comes to aerial maps because if available, they show photos from airplanes if the area was aerial surveyed.

2nd that

I have found Google Maps to be the best for what I have been doing as well.