Driving really is the most dangerous activity


We all hear about how dangerous driving is, and all the statistics about people being killed or injured while driving.

Well, last week a good friend of mine became one of the statistics.

He was driving on the freeway, got hit by another car, rolled over, got hit again, and died. He was not wearing his seatbelt.

He was in his 50's, had been driving for over 40 years, and from habit only put on the seatbelt half the time. This time it cost him his life.

I'm still in shock over the loss.

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my condolences

sorry for your lose!

it is, however, another reminder of how important seat belts are. thanks for the reminder!

I am so sorry to hear of

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure that I can speak for all the Factory workers when I say that you have our support and that all of our thoughts will be with you and your family.

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Thank you. Please drive

Thank you. Please drive safely and do not take the time you have with your family for granted this holiday season.

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for your loss.


I'm sorry about your friend, but it is entirely possible he would have died, even if he had been wearing his seatbelt.

Focus on preserving his memory and on getting past your grief.

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Sorry to hear of your loss.

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Wear a seat belt

Sorry for your loss

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Reminder for the Holiday Season

A good reminder for the upcoming holiday season - The roads will be particularly busy with people who are preoccupied with everything but driving so be sure to wear your seatbelts at all times!

Happy Holidays

Echo that

I am sorry for your loss mate!

It really does prove that wearing a seatbelt is probably the most important thing you must do before driving off. I would not be here today if it were not for my seatbelt, side impact and curtain airbags when I was T-boned last year.

So dear members, always wear a seatbelt. It may be uncomfortable and impede your "freedom", but then what freedom will you have when you are dead?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I was involved in a head-on 5 years ago and had I been wearing my seat belt I likely would be dead. The belt attached to the roof of my pickup and during the crash that point moved upward about a foot making the seat belt guitar string tight. It very well may have decapitated me.

Having said that, I always wear the belt now. My injuries were quite extensive (~20 bones broken and internal injuries). Having the experience of being thrown around inside a vehicle is not something I want to repeat. However, I still personally believe that seat belt use should be a personal choice and not mandated.

Sorry for your loss :[ I

Sorry for your loss :[
I wish drivers drove more safely on the road..


I am also very sorry to hear of your loss:(. It really makes you think about how quickly a life can be taken from us. For sure please wear your seatbelt when driving.


It's a reminder of the obligation we have to one another

I too am sorry about your loss. I hope your grief may ease soon. Sudden accidental death can be very hard to accept.

Even those of us who put our seat belts on every time we drive still do other dumb and unsafe things sometimes. I guess the point to take away from this thread is that we all have an obligation to our loved ones, as well as to the other people out on the road, to drive safely, and if somebody makes a reasonable suggestion for how we might improve our driving safety, to not blow it off, to not be offended, but to try and do better.

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So very sorry to hear about

So very sorry to hear about your loss.

Thank you all. The funeral

Thank you all. The funeral was a few days before Thanksgiving, pretty grim occasion for a family get together.

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tough at any time of the year but especially now.

Driving really is the most dangerous activity

Sorry to hear about your good friend. Seat belts are there to help save lives, but some people just don't like them. Remember the good times you had with your friend. It will help you get through it

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I'm sorry for your loss. As

I'm sorry for your loss. As long as your friend lives on in your memory, he will never just be a statistic.