Removing Custom POI's


I am having a problem removing previously installed custom POI's on my Nuvi 255W. Using the Garmin POI Loader with the removal checked with both my Garmin and external card does nothing. The custom POI's still show up.
I have even installed new custom POI's to overwrite the old but they still remain.
Where do they reside so can remove with a cardreader.


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Try this

Use Windows Explorer or another program that lets you look at the contents of a disk. Look in the Garmin folders on both the unit and the SD card. There should be no POI.GPI files on either.

The other possible place the POI could be stored is as a GPX file in one of the GPX folders. The easiest way to look and see what is in a GPX is to use Extra POI Editor

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Open My Computer, and look for your card in the removable media area. Click to open it, and your files should be there to delete. You may have to check the Garmin folder, which is where they should be.

No card reader is necessary.

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