Categorising POI by location rather than type


Whilst the files on this site are very useful I have only a limited amount of space for POI on my Navman S70. I travel to the USA most years and would really welcome POI's grouped by location (e.g. State) as well as by type. That way I could load my SatNav with just the files I need for a trip rather than trying to load 1000's of POI for the whole of USA.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

There are some custom pois

There are some custom pois that you can sort by state.Maybe not what you are looking for.You can also download Extra Poi Editor (not for Mac at this time) at . When you download the program if you get message about OCX file missing scroll down on the main page and under troubleshooting you will find the Extra Poi Editor Installer that you will need to download.Under tools option you will see sort by state.Once you get it in the order you want save as a csv file.Open it up and delete the ones you don't want.

See for the discussion on the program.

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Brilliant advice


The POI Editor is great, only had a chace to have a quick look so far but I like the ability to convert Tom Tom files to CSV, thanks.