New CA auto glass rule impacts portable GPS users


California is at it again. The new ruling on automobile glass will impact portable GPS users as well as other users like Cell phone (although my concern is with GPS). Overpriced built-in units will likely not be affected, as they tend to have external mounted antennas.

For the story, see here:

Easy To Criticise

It is easy to sit in another State and judge these regulations but take a minute to do some research. You will find that CA has 50 million cars that in the Central Valley they have very hot summers with an inversion layer that trap polluntants in the air. They have the worst air quality in the country, the highest rates of childhood asthma too. 20 years ago you could see the Sierras from anywhere in Fresno, today that is a very rare clear day. Also impoortant to point out that CA has been paying the Feds huge fines for the past several years due to not being able to meet requirements of the Clean Air Act they are just doing what they need to to save some money. If you live here Garmin provids a simple fix.

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