the no overnite parking at Walmart?


the no overnite parking at Walmart download is the same as the walmart locater download ??
it dont make since?


There are many things in life that makes no sense.
DISCARD and move on!

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No Overnight Parking at Some Walmarts so RVers know if they can park and rest for free there overnight. Some cities have ordinances declaring it unlawful.


From the download page

From the download page:
"I merged 3 files, Walmart US, Walmart Canada, and the information from the net as to which Walmarts have a No Overnight Parking policy. The store description contains ***** NOP ***** if there is no overnight parking. This is probably of interest to RV'rs."

It's about the Line- If a line can be drawn between the powers granted and the rights retained, it would seem to be the same thing, whether the latter be secured by declaring that they shall not be abridged, or that the former shall not be extended.

No Overnight Parking

I have seen all kinds of RV's parking in walmart parking lots overnight in Calgary and Airdre. Maybe it's on the books, but they don't bother them as far as I know. I have been knowen to be wrong once before

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Free parking

Is it really worth it? Why not go to someplace where it's setup for overnight parking?


I've seen the RVs park at my local Walmart all the time. Makes sense for Walmart to allow RV folks to seek out their stores as they go cross country. When did they stop allow that to happen?


Some Wal-Mart's are open 24x7, so how whould they know?

what did Wal-Mart say?

Anyone check with Wal-Mart managers?


spiffydog wrote:

Some Wal-Mart's are open 24x7, so how whould they know?

Maybe the support jacks and popout extended, lawn chairs and charcoal grill by the door give them away.

More seriously, I don't know how much WM cares about enforcing the No Overnight Parking ban on RVs. In some cities, they have the rule and signs because the city requires them to do so.

No overnite parking

Only a few Walmarts are affected by local ordinances. Sometimes campground operators claim they are losing business, so they petition the local gov't to ban RVs in parking lots. KOA Nashville charged us $50 for one night 30amp service in the off-season. I feel that was steep for a small RV. So I understand why RV people use Walmart occasionally if they do not need water or sewage service.

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