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This is just something that having a shiny, new GPS brought to mind.

I've been playing around with adding "favorites" and I ran up against trying to add a new Ikea - one that has been built in the last year and is not yet in the database. In fact is it on "Ikea Circle" (or something like that) and so the street isn't even there. Even though it connects with existing streets and I could put in an intersection that is within 1000 ft or so I want to locate the Ikea as precisely as possible.

So my question for thought is: Do you think someday that businesses, especially new businesses will provide us with the lat-lon so that we can easily and precisely enter the location into our GPSs even if the road isn't there -- at least we can get close.

I haven't been at it long but so far other than airports and CA State Parks I don't see it happening much. However GPS is taking off exponentially as the technology and usability improves and the prices drop.

Would you use coordinates if they were provided? Does anyone else think this would be helpful. Has anyone already encountered this? Does anyone think we will start seeing this in ads or brochures, or is this just too arcane for the average user?

Then again I wish my street GPS would have headings in degrees instead of compass points, but I realize I'm a little strange sometimes.

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Good idea

First, there is an Ikea POI on this site that might have the location you are looking for:

Sheetz, the first retail site I have seen which provides the data for a gps to find their locations.
Miss POI is working on a project to contact retailers and requesting information on lat/long. I for one would give preference to a retailer that provided this information rather than just a lookup by zip code or city.

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I think so

I think we will see more and more businesses include the lat and lon to their ads. Check out Sheetz....
I see Mkahn beat me to it.

Anyway, with the GPS craze and more and more vehicles including gps. I'm sure coordinates will become more readily available.

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Thank you for your thoughts

Thank you mkhan and lsmonop for your very thoughtful replies. I agree -- I definitely will be more likely to patronize a business that provides me with coordinates now that I have GPS in my car.

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Providing Coordinates

Many campgrounds, since more often then not, are in rural out of the way locations provide gps coordinates of their locations. Part of the reason is that RV'ers and campers are more savy in that respect and have the technology. The more that gps is accepted...the more it will become commonplace. It's after all a numbers game that business plays. Can I get a return on my investment if I have an employee map all our store locations??

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That's Good

Thanks walleye1.

It would be optimal of course if they would provide a POI file, but just the coordinates let you easily generate your own POI file (which of course can be shared here).

It really does make sense in the RV world to have the coordinates and I'm glad that campgrounds are picking up on that.

I believe as the prices drop and GPS in vehicles becomes ubiquitous it will be a good return on investment for businesses, but I'm just supposing for now. If I had a brick and mortar, even one store, I'd start putting the coordinates on my advertising along with the phone number and address.

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I was just looking at a

I was just looking at a vacation planner from Montana. The cover showed a GPS with a pretty scene and coordinates noted. Throughout the planner there are beautiful vistas, with coordinates noted. I think this is a great idea!