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I know that this sounds sort of old fashioned, but I still occasionally need to find a public pay telephone. Yes, I have a wireless telephone that is with me all day long while I am out in the car, but every so often I find that I need to locate a public pay telephone. It could be because my cell phone battery is dying or sometimes it is because I want to use a pre-pay card and keep my cell phone available for incoming calls or whatever. I started snooping around the web tonight and I found a couple of webpages devoted to public pay telephones, but they were very incomplete. Does anybody here know of a more reliable way to get the public pay telephone locations? I am particularly interested in the type where you drive along side of it in your car. I didn't think that something as mundane as this would be information that is so difficult to obtain, but I am not finding much. I am most interested in about three specific cities in Minnesota that I am at most often during work. I may have to just end up hunting these down myself and entering them as favorites on the Garmin StreetPilot 2730 or create a Custom POI for these.

Public Pay Phones

Your probably having a hard time finding a data base for public phones because they are becoming extinct like the dinosaur. They aren't making money so the only place you may find them is in poor neighborhoods...and they might not work if you do find them.

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and you may not want to even

and you may not want to even stop there anyways.

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They get removed and broken

They get removed and broken so frequently there's no way to have a reasonably up-to-date POI file concerning them.

Almost might as well have a POI file for friendly people with cellphones you can borrow smile.