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Yes I’m a newbie so I am just learning.

I downloaded the Rest Stop POI (combined) for this site and installed on my unit using POI loader. All seems to be OK in that I can see these POI’s under extras and select those locations to ‘go t0’. According to the manual, I was supposed to have the option to turn proximity alerts on or off, but that option does not show on my tools menu. I called Garmin and was told that was because the POI I installed was not ‘editable’ Is that correct? Is there a way I can get the rest stop POI in edible format so that I can be alerted when I drive near one.

Also, how do I see these POI’s (rest stops) in MapSource. I ran POI loader, selected mapsource and it said that the POI’s were successfully loaded to MapSource, but I don’t see it anywhere. Is there a way to get these POI’s to display on MapSource?


1. When you run POI Loader, you must choose manual, not express mode. In manual mode, you get to enter the distance you want in feet. When I load the rest area file, I set it for 5280 feet (1 mile). Others prefer 2 miles or around 10500 feet.

2. The function in POI Loader to save the file to MapSource doesn't seem to work. Here is an old topic which discusses it and also has a link to another topic:


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If you want to see them in

If you want to see them in Mapsource you can use Extra Poi Editor .Load file to it and go to tools and then open in Mapsource or Google Earth.

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