Loading .gpx/.crx/.tcx File Onto Garmin 705 Edge


Ok, this is a noob question, but I'm doing the Escape New York Century ride Saturday, and a ride organizer emailed me a .gpx file of the ride map, and I've been trying to upload it onto Garmin's online map site, and then download it onto my GPS, and I've converted it using MapMyRide's software into a .crs file and a .tcx file. The .crs file just produced an error message on Garmin's uploading site, and the .tcx file seemed to upload, but then it doesn't appear anywhere on my list of activities. I also tried to directly save those files onto the device using file manager, but then they didn't seem to appear anywhere on the device, in history or otherwise.

I'm just trying to download a map of the ride's route so I don't get lost! (although I'm sure it will be marked anyway - ok, I'm just trying to do it because I like to play with my cool GPS toy!).

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions?


Looking at the Owner's manual

Looking at the owner's manual (http://www8.garmin.com/manuals/2297_OwnersManual.pdf) it appears as if all you needed to do was copy the GPX file to the unit. The GPX file goes in Garmin\GPX.

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That was truly boneheaded of me not to find that in the manual. Durhh......

Much appreciated.