Nuvi 265WT stuck Loading Maps


I have a new Nuvi 265WT that I've had less than a month and only used a few times. When I turn it on the screen goes to "Loading Maps" and stays there not turning on. I have to turn it off by holding the button for several seconds and then turn it back on. It turns on properly the 2nd time. I have to do this procedure everytime now. I did not have this problem when I first started using it.

Is there an easy fix?
Is my unit defective?
I bought it at Costco. Should I exchange it?

Thanks for any help/advise.

New Nuvi

I'd exchange it immediately to Costco. I've been very satisfied with their customer relations.


Try a hard reset

Try a hard reset before returning/exchanging the unit. Do you have an SD Card in the unit? If so, try removing it and see if the problem continues.

Hard Reset warnings:

* Note that this procedure has been known to periodically delete your favorites so back them up beforehand: From the nuvi drive, copy x:/Garmin/GPX/current.gpx to your backup location. After the hard reset, copy current.gpx back to the same folder on the nuvi but rename it temp.gpx (important). On the next power cycle, the favorites will be read from temp.gpx into the non-user accessible memory area on the nuvi where they are actually stored (current.gpx is only a shadowed backup of your favorites)

* Note that this procedure will clear all user selected settings under Tools>Settings like map view mode, navigational settings, selected vehicle, selected voice, etc. These settings will need to be re-configured afterwards. Maps, vehicles, voices and user-loaded custom POI's stored on the unit will not be disturbed.

Hard Reset Procedure:

*Note that a "power-cycle" (or power-on/power off sequence) on the nuvi 8x0/8x5 units consists of removing, then reinserting the battery into the unit. Using the power switch on the unit to power it off only puts it into a "sleep" mode.

Power the unit off. Press and hold (and continue to hold) the bottom-right corner of the screen while powering the unit on. Continue to hold the screen until the "Do you want to erase all user data?" prompt appears. Press "yes" and the unit will reboot. Reset all your location settings and user preferences.

If possible after the hard reset, let the unit sit outdoors in the open for about 30 minutes or so to let the unit re-acquire the satellite almanac data.

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I do not have a SD Card in

I do not have a SD Card in the unit. I have not loaded any extra POIs or anything other than the initial update from Garmin.

I've tried the hard reset twice and the screen just continues to flash on and off "GARMIN". I have to turn it off manually. Then when I try to restart I have the same "Map Loading" problem. When I turn it off then on again it starts and it hasn't lost any settings or fovorites.

I guess I'll just exchange it.