Garmin 265 WT Power Button


By sliding the power button all the way to the right, locks the screen but is it suppose to also put your screen to sleep after a few minutes? It wakes up by touching it again. Is that normal?


I have never ran my unit on

I have never ran my unit on the lock position.After reading your post and trying it.I get the same results.I felt it was something to do with saving power.I emailed Garmin to be sure and here is the answer.A little surprised on one part.

Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Yes, the reason it does this is because you are locking all of the devices functions and it will dim the screen to save power. There is really no reason at all to use the lock function. If you are using the device in the car, it should be plugged into power and you should be able to touch the screen and use it as needed. Locking it would prohibit this, so overall, there is no need to use the lock function.

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Power Button Lock Feature

After reading the response from Garmin I'm not sure what to think, but maybe if you were in Pedestrian mode you may want this feature.
Thanks Charlie for the update