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What a wonderful site and great idea for travelers. I have joined today and have already downloaded POI files needed for an up-and-coming trip to Yellowstone.

I am the owner of a classifieds on-line site called and it offers free and paid classifieds in the Volusia County Florida areas. I am offering POI Factory and its members free advertising on my site. Use it to sell items, list your services, offer travel advice, post photos, etc... Although the site is mainly geared toward area residents, I am sure there are some members in the area. If POI Factory wants to reach new members, please take the opportunity to advertise your site with photos- free. I am receiving over 1200 hits a day now and I am sure others would be as happy as I am to join your site. I would be happy to help those who are not computer savvy. Contact me thru this site or on my site using the contact page. Keep up the good work, your site is great!


Welcome from one community to another!
Have fun! at Yellowstone, Better hurry times a running out for the season I would imagine.

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Welcome to the site, it is

Welcome to the site, it is great to have you with us. I am sure that our members in your area will appreciate your generosity.

Miss POI