grand canyon


grin has anyone ever hiked down&up the grand canyon or taken the mule trip?any info on it, how hard of trip,where to stay,cost?thanks

I hiked from the South Rim

I hiked from the South Rim to the river and back in the same day (I was much younger then and had acclimated to the altitude over several weeks but feel entitled to a little "bragging rights"). I don't recommend that you try that. There are lots of day hikes into various sections of the canyon, not just Bright Angel and the Kaibab trails. A couple of my favorites were Horseshoe Mesa and Santa Maria Springs.

Unless you are an experienced hiker it can be really tough (even if you are experienced). It is the reverse of mountain climbing as the tough uphill part is at the end rather than the start.

Again, the altitude is a major factor depending on from whence you come.

I can't address the mule trips.

Check the park website
for more information.

Weight limit

Remember that there is a weight limit (220 lbs all equipped if I remember correctly) so pack light (or ultra light if you're a bit heavy)!