2010 lifetime map update


I just installed the lifetime map update and have the maps now on my Nuvi 750-
Can I now delete the large 2.2 gig exe file that I had to download first? garmin_rmu_cnnant2010-20.exe that was used to install the maps


You can delete the download file. But I would consider backing it up to DVD or SD or flash drive before deleting it ... just in case you ever need to re-install. Garmin will leave it available for re-download for a few days, but not forever.

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I agree

I have to agree with alandb. You paid for the file. Should you ever need it in the future, it is a lot easier to pull it off a DVD than to have to download it again, assuming it would even be available to download.

I have also installed 2010.20 recently on my 750. So far, I haven't had any problems with it nor have there been many reports here as there were with some previous updates. It often works out that if you have a backup, you'll never need it, but if not, look out!

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Burn To DVD

I burned the downloaded file to a DVD (won't fit on a CD) before deleting from my hard drive just in case I needed it again. Just a little insurance.

I now have 2010.10 and 2010.20 on DVD.

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I have also done the same

I have also done the same burning the original d/l file to a dvd, just in case before the next upgrade the maps some how get corrupted...

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Save it!

Its always good to have it backed up! Just in case.

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Just put it on a cd just in case your pc dies till the next up date then you can toss it

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Always back up then delete.

Always back up then delete. Good insurance.

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You might want to check your MyGarmin account. I can download previous maps several times from the Garmin site.