zumo 450 vehicle icon ?



total garmin newbie here- first post.

Thanks for making such a wonder resource of information avail! I can only hope to garner enought skill to contribute...but for now, just learning what i can do...or can't.....

my ?: on the zumo 450, i downloaded a new vehicle icon, un zipped, stored a copy on my desktop. dragged it over to the garmin, dropped it in the vehicle folder. opened it to make sure it was there...so far so good. when powering up the zumo for a quick trip to the store, i thought i'd change to the new icon- no such luck- it didn't show on the list of avail vehciles.

so- does the zumo not allow this? OEM only? or do i have to delete one to add one?

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. the Zumo site was less than helpful, and i've fully browsed this forum for an answer first (avoiding newbie mistake #1!).

TIA and Cheers



per the garmin website, the zumo 450 does allow for custom vehicles.

I did read that you unzipped the file first, but are you sure to place the .srf file into the "vehicles" folder and not the zipped file? If so, it sounds like you're doing things correctly.

The one other issue that it could be, and I'll clearly state that I'm not sure here, is that it MAY not work on the zumo 450 if it is one of the animated vehicles - try a non-animated version and see if that works.


DJS- thanks for the reply!

yeah- it was one of the star wars icons- perhaps that is the issue.

although i do recall seeing the OEM icons rotate a bit when cornering, etc. I will try to upload a .srf that is not animated.

Thanks again!!!


star wars icons ...

the star wars icons from vehiclesforgarminnuvi.com are not animated. don't see any reason for those not to work. double check that it is the .srf file that you have in the vehicles folder on your garmin.

the animated icons are ones like the walking guy, rolling ball etc. off the garmin site


The regular custom vehicle icons should work on the Zumo.