DC: Camera Ticket Overturned Over Accuracy Doubts

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Double Tap

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Interesting article

Not sure...

that I agree that the "photograph shows multiple vehicles traveling through the radar zone in a receding direction"

I see one, with another that has already passed through it. But good for him beating the citation due to a sympathetic judge.

What got me was that 4,019,023(!!) tickets have been issued.


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Score one for the lil guy!

Score one for the lil guy!

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One Win, 4 Million Loses

I agree with the comment that if just 1% of the people fought these it would become economically unfeasible to continue with the red light/speed cameras.

Just go to court and take their time, the system bogs down and fails.

If you ain't got pictures, I wasn't there.


sounds like the ACORN philosiphy. Thats what they tried to do with the federal government system.