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Any way to look along total route for fuel prices?


A TomTom Go 740 LIVE seems to be limited to 8 pages of 6 items each for search results for almost anything I search for.

We tend to take long trips and like to plan gas purchases as far as 450 to 500 miles away. There does not seem to be a way to do that unless there are 48 or fewer fuel places found along the route.

Is there any way to get it to display all the fuel stops that would be along the active route?


I use

Any way to look along total route for fuel prices?

Yes, use gas buddy.

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You can also use

The AAA website if you're a member

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I have not had much success

a_user wrote:

Any way to look along total route for fuel prices?

Yes, use gas buddy.

I often try to use Gas Buddy but have not had a lot of success meaning it often does not have any current prices reported for even major fuel stations along interstates.

I am hoping TomTom's fuel services will do better since they do not rely on volunteer effort. I think people passing through on interstates must be less likely to report prices.

My understanding is the TomTom prices come from electronically-reported credit card sales.
However, they do not report the time of the sale that determines the price they list which would be very helpful.

They say it can be up to 5 days old which I assume means prices older than that are not reported. On the other hand, it could just mean it may take them up to 5 days to get them into the database.
Does anyone know which it is?


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