Computer no longer recognizes USB connected Nuvi 200


Attempted to install latest updated maps for N. America onto my Nuvi 200. Halfway through the install both the Nuvi and computer locked up and I had to reboot. Now the Nuvi displays a "No detailed maps found that support routing...The nuvi cannot be used without them" error message. Worse still, when I plug the Nuvi into my computer via USB, the computer doesn't even recognize that a new device has been plugged in... Nothing under "My Computer", no red x's or error msgs in the Device Manager either. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing device drivers with no luck (and the computer does recognize other devices like my USB connected printer or mp3 player).

Been corresponding with Garmin via email and they sent me the gmapprom.unl solution - but I can't really apply that since the computer doesn't see the Nuvi at all. Can someone here assist? The "call tech support" option doesn't work since its during work hours.

Can you try...

Can you try a different USB cable and/or a different port?

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Sorry - didn't include that

Sorry - didn't include that info. I tried both new USB cables and several different ports on both the front and back of the desktop (no hubs).

same happened to me

the same thing has been happening to me latley i have a garmin nuvi 350 and 750. the computer doesnt seem to want to recongnize the usb cable in any ports i plug it into. so i got my laptop and it works on ther. its very strange why for like 3 years its worked. until now.

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USB not working

Did you check if the USB ports were enabled? I've had ports markded as Disabled and have had to reenable them. Right click on My Computer, goto Hardware and then Device Manager.

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Recognize your device.

Storms wrote:

Worse still, when I plug the Nuvi into my computer via USB, the computer doesn't even recognize that a new device has been plugged in...

Check and see if my article
-----A Tail Of Woe -- Then Success

might be of help to you.

It's on page 7 of the


Try the safely remove hardware trick

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Replaced drivers?

Have you replaced the USB drivers?

They could have possibly been corrupted during the crash.


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The first thing is to determine if it is a computer problem, or a Nuvi problem. Plug some other device into the USB port and see if the computer sees the device. If it does then it is a Nuvi problem, or a device driver problem.

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USB Problems

I too have recently had a ton of problems with the USB hook up using a 775t. My work PC absolutely refused to see the Garmin drive.

I uninstalled and resintalled drivers and usb ports twenty times.

I did many other things that were suggested too.

I was doing so many things to try to get it to work I lost track of all the things I had done.

But it finally worked.... but I have to make sure my HP printer is turned off and then it recognizes the Garmin, but if the printer is on, it does not.

To make it even more wierd.... all my other garmins were recognized without any problem. I have a 2730, 76CSx, 400t, 7500 and they were all showing up as the Garmin drive. It was only the 775t that had a problem.

It worked fine on my home PC being recognized as the Garmin driver every time.

I don't have an HP printer at home and I can only think it has something to do with the HP drivers or software for the printer.

I was very close to doint a complete reinstall of WinXP but got it working. I spent a week trying different things.

Good luck with it... it's gunna drive you crazy.

Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tip... sadly, they didn't work. That "safely removed device" function didn't see anything amiss. I've installed and re-installed the device drivers about a dozen times now. I'm thinking I might try removing all traces of Garmin software from the computer (hate going into registry files, but....) and then giving it a try... This thing is gonna drive me nuts!

BTW - there doesn't happen to be any magical reset button on my Nuvi200 is there?


Storms wrote:

BTW - there doesn't happen to be any magical reset button on my Nuvi200 is there?

Yup, it is hidden under the little serial number label on the bottom of the unit. With the nuvi powered on press on the label where you see an * with a tootkpick or some other small tool.


Just had to pass along my story of success.... After hitting the reset button Frovingslosh keyed me on to, I was able to just touch the screen for 3-5 seconds and it bypassed the error msg I was receiving! I entered my PIN and suddenly the computer woke up and recognized the new device. SHAZAM! Finished updating the maps and now I'm back in business... Killed off a couple six-packs trying to figure this one out.

Thanks for all the suggestions & advice!