Magellan 1470 upload routes like Garmin 760


I am thinking of the 1470 to replace my 760. One future I use a lot is the upload of routes from Mapquest into my 760. I am having trouble finding out whether you can uplad routes into the Magellan. Tahnks for the info. al


I'm pretty sure you can't add routes or extra poi's, but the other features are great, such as Highway exit signs are great and on all highways not just a few, also love the Triple AAA ratings. I have both Garmin and Megellan and lean a little towards the Magellan and it's 4.7 screen.
And the price was lower...

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

thanks for the information

Darn, I find the routes and extra pois an important feature for me. Darn. Al