nuvi 775 update I/O Error !


Hi. I have been trying to do a software/firmware update on my nuvi775t. t still has SW V 2.3 on it and needs to updated to the latest v 3.6.

I have it connected to my USB and it goes into the Mass Storage Mode.

I then start WebUpdater and it sees the unit and reports it as "Garmin G: ".

It then will tell me the latest update is 3.6 and I try to get it to load on the unit and it stalls and tells me it failed because of an "I/O Device Error".

Any ideas ???


Maybe this will help?

I'm not much of a techie, so I hope this helps ...

I once had problems updating my 255. It seems that I had an older version of Windows at the time with the wrong service pack. What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?

If you've used the update service before, the Garmin communicator plug-in should already be activated? Just check this is still active.

If all else fails, try again or call customer support.

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USB port or cable

I would suspect the USB port or cable. Try a different USB port and/or cable if possible. If that fails, do you have access to a different computer that you could try?

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Do you have the USB cable plugged into a USB Hub?

Do you have the USB cable plugged into a USB Hub? If you do switch to a main USB port on the computer itself and make sure you are using the USB cable that Garmin supplied.

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Updating nuvi 775

I have windows xp pro SP 3 and I have just used the USB ports to update my 76CSx.

PLUS... the webupdater DOES recognize something being connected.... but that's about it.

I'll try the USB port on the rear of my PC.

I am on hold now waiting Garmin Support to come on the line. The recorded announcement said to expect a 35-40 minute wait.

nuvi 775 webupdater

Well... for some strange reason, I was able to get the webupdater to work on my home computer.

I wish I knew why since I mostly use the work PC for Routing, adding POI's etc.

It's gunna be a PAI to have to do it all at home instead.

Garmin is at a complete loss why one works and the other doesn't.

I/O device error

Ihave the same problem with my 755T. My computer only has USB1. I was successful using a newer computer which has USB2. So far product support has not solved my problem. Any help out there?