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I am new to this arena, but I am extremely frustrated with my Tom Tom One XL. I find that 80-90% of the time, there is "No POI Found!" Even for seemingly obvious entities, such as Walgreens, etc. My question is: I have an Iphone. I can search it for ANYTHING, and it quickly gives me a listing of all matches in the area, even if I'm not searching by a specific name but something vague, such as "auto service". The map displays where I am, pins drop to where all the surrounding auto service centers are, their names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, etc. Also, all of this "POI" info is largely located in a directory, such as the yellow pages, etc. So, why, WHY, WHY?! can't my gps device, whose only purpose for existence is to get me to places that I don't already know how to get to most expeditiously (doesn't do that well either, I live 15 minutes from work, it told me to take a 55 min journey through downtown, even though I had not set it to avoid any specific items and set it for the fastest route), do the same thing?? I mean, why do they have us all running around largely reinventing the wheel by spending hours and hours compiling databases of POI's? Don't the GPS companies make enough to do that for us? I am finding that by the time I research where I want to go and telling the stupid machine (I know machines aren't "stupid" but it feels good to say) where that place is, I could have just looked at a paper map with less hassle. Lastly, no offense meant to anyone, but I now find I have to try to download multiple files of POI's compiled by folks I have never met and I have no clue if they are honest, accurate, complete listings or just a compilation by a tech savy teenager who thinks it would be funny to send folks all over creation chasing a nonexistent POI. Am I the only one who feels this way? I look forward to your thoughts.....

Some can trust

I think Miss POI checks most out? If not, those who download and find an error usually notify the creator to make changes. You can trust these files. But always scan every file you download with a virus scanner, no matter where you d/l it. I don't think it's 100% manufactures fault for not having the POI's you want, I believe the map creator has a lot to do with that. I never owned a Tom Tom, but I figure most GPS's are the same, just different bells and whistles.

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