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TomTom 330xl .tlv, .ov2 files


Just in case anybody else is having trouble getting info on what to do with ov2 files.
Simplest explanation: copy the .ov2 files into your map folder on your GPS
Mine is USA_and_Canada, put them in there, and you will see them in a search for POI's .
The Icons were solid color red

Get the Red out

Petereye wrote:

The Icons were solid color red

To lose the RED icons load new icons named "exactly the same" as each new POI that you've already loaded into your 'maps' folder. Remember to save the new icons in the same 'maps' folder that you loaded your POIs into!

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Thank you what size .bmp

Thank you
what size .bmp files will work?

.bmp File Size

Petereye wrote:

Thank you
what size .bmp files will work?

Try 24 pixels by 24 pixels.

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