Removing Factory POI


I have a Tom 510, and i was wondering how to remove the factory installed POI...... There are many that the factory have installed when i purchased, but I do not need them, like Auto Dealers, etc. Can someome please tell me what Folder or File I can fine them in....... I have no problems installing POI , but to remove the Factory ones are difficult to locate them....... my e mail address is RVSTEVE2@AOL.COM thanks Steve

Not a TomTom expert

but if it is like the Garmin units, and I believe they are, the built in POIs are part of the map data and can not be deleted.

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The POI are built into the

The POI are built into the map files so you cannot remove them.

There may be a way

Try doing a search at this site for more info dealing with that issue.

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