Houston red light cameras


Took my fairly new GPS with me to Houston today. I knew they had red light cameras in a few spots around Houston.

With that red light file loaded into my Nuvi - I was amazed at how many red light cameras I came across in the west part of Houston. I've passed many of them before and just never notice. With all the traffic and signs and such, its hard to notice the signs up stating that there is a red light camera.

Nice to have the file.

Luckily, I haven't run into many in Houston...

and even better, I haven't run through any.

My usual routes are around the Med Center, 610 West Loop and the Galleria area. Only red light camera warnings have been about the streets under 610 overpasses, so I've been lucky.

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Well, 290 passes over a few, and I was in the richmond area, and there were some there