Garmin 855 at Costco - Reviews are Poor at !


Costco has the Garmin 855 on sale and I was surprised by the amount of negative reviews that it has received even after firmware updates. I was thinking of getting it for my daughter. Now I hesitate even with the great return policy at Costco. Any feedback from POI Factory users that are current owners of this unit would be appreciated.

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I had the 855 and it worked great.

I had the 855 and it worked great. I ended up returning it and getting the 885T. The reason was for the bluetooth that I was used to having on my other units and missed it.

The 855 is a vastly improved choice over the 7x0 series.

I have seen it for about $250 at a number of trusted places on line.

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Most folks on this site will not speak badly of Garmin. So you won't get too many negative reviews on this site. I'd trust the numerous reviews on the Costco site more than the positive reviews on this site.

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got my 855 from costco and it works great, no problems yet, also saved a lots of money, This unit sells most places for about $399.,,

No Bluetooth

The dealbreaker for me is the lack of bluetooth. Pretty expensive unit, even at Costco, to lack that feature, in my opinion.

Garmin 855

My 855 lasted 6 weeks locked up an then would not even turn on. It quit on a 6000 mile trip glad I had my old 750 along. Called Garmin an they told me there was a lot of problems with the 855 mine is at Garmin in Olathe now.