How Much is Too Much?


In working on the Panhandle section of the Florida Birding Trail guide file, I have been putting much of the text from the printed guide in the description section. This is sometimes quite a bit of information on trails, species, and other information. I'm still waiting to see if I have permission to use the info for posting publicly so in the meantime, it's for my own use although I'll post just the POI file eventually.

My question that too much info? I am somewhere not quite half way through the file and it is roughly 40 Kb. So, I would guess somewhere around 100 Kb for the guide to the whole section. Would that be too big for people to use? The additional info is handy, but could even be pared down to possible species and habitats, etc. My Nuvi 750 with an SD card won't have any problem with the amount of data, but some with limited storage capacity might.

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I would think for the users

I would think for the users who are really into this would appreciate the extra information.For someone who just wants the basic info they could save as a csv file.

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Probably personal preference

I created a POI file with the entire schedule included for the WA state ferry system.

More More More

More More More

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