Free WiFi spots in TN


Thinking about creating a custom POI for this and was wondering if anyone would be interested in it - otherwise I'll just stick to my area and make it a personal poi to save myself the large project.

Chec k here first


You might want to check here before attempting your project.

It might save you time and effort and keep you from re-inventing what is already done.

Yes to Free Wifi Spots in TN

It would be great to have a poi file for free wifi spots in TN. A few months ago I created a wifi poi for the Knoxville, TN area. Here is the link:

There are many free wifi spots in Nashville and it would be good to know where they are located. As a frequent traveler through the state of TN, I think it would be good to have a poi with the free wifi sites in TN.


Thanks for the heads up to the other POI ... it'd be nice having something specific to my state but then ... why re-invent the wheel? This looks great!