Garmin city defaults


Is it possible on any of the Garmins to default the State and the city at the same time?

Not sure what you are asking

On most of the nuvi models you can set a location as "Home". Can you give us an example of what you are wanting to do?

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Garmin City Defaults

I am an Fed EX swing driver and would like my Garmin default to the state, like Michigan which it does, then I would like it to default to a city like Grand Rapids, without having to put in the city every time I put in a new address. On a normal day I might make 75 stops in the city with different street address. This would be a time saver. I have a c 530 Garmin but would buy a new GPS if it would default to a city like it does for the state.

Got it

My nuvi 750 may work like your c530. When I set an address as a destination, it 1st prompts for the state and the last state used is default, (2 letters are entered if a change is needed) then I start to spell the city and when it has enough, it brings up a list, then I enter the street# and finally the street name. It then lists the possibilities.

It does remember the last state used, so for the next address, you have to start with the city, but when you click on the city button there is a folder icon to the left of where you would enter the name. If you touch that icon, it shows a list of cities, most recent used on top. Touch the city on the top of the list and you're prompted for the house #... That's about as default as it gets on mine.

Maybe others with different models may have other suggestions. This is the place to ask these things. There may be a hidden trick to get it to do what you want and if someone knows, they're probably right here.

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Yes, the 700 series (750 etc

Yes, the 700 series (750 etc and 765T etc.. perhaps other series) has a folder icon next to where you would spell the city. Just touch that and it will bring up several cities you have previously found. And it does default to the State you have been using. I do not think, amazingly, the newer 855 series has that folder icon from what I remember. I could be wrong.....

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Good info.Had not noticed

Good info.Had not noticed that folder on my 265 before.

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