Phanthom Alert


Just this evening, in the Washinton DC area, I saw a report on a major network TV station of a fellow advertising the availability of Redlight & Speed Camera alerts for Garmin & other brand GPS. These services were available for about $10 per month or $100 per year.

The alert red top strip to the Garmin & the sound it made made it seem suspiciously like the files we get at the POI Factory.

Are others aware of this very commmercial advertising campaign?

Is it possible that the data collected here is finding it's way into the services that he is selling?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Not in Chicago

Not surprised if it's true

Are any of the lists copyrighted? If not then they may be fair game. Not that I approve.

Since the number of members downloading them is limited, it would be possible to seed each download with a telltale. If Miss bought the list later and found it then she would know who provided the list. This sort of thing is done with mailing lists all the time.

Not Surprised

It would be interesting to do exactly that.

I looked at their web site & there's no reference that the data comes from the POI Factory. There was a comment on the TV commentary, that said they had 100K people reporting.



lately ive seen these red light / speed trap sites and i always think.. (no offense miss poi) how btter they could befrom poi-factory.. and i didnt even bother but i had a hunch they could be stealing files here and selling it. those bastards.

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